Cabo Pulmo Sport Center is a 100% locally owned business founded by a local family who has lived in the area for more than century and worked for generations as fishermen.


At Cabo Pulmo Sport Center we understand the wants and needs of our clients and work day in and day out to accomplish total client satisfaction. To reach this goal we have a fleet of boats of different types and sizes specific to each activity we offer. Additionally, our guides have extensive knowledge of the ocean, climate, and client care, allowing us to inform our visitors about the activities possible in Cabo Pulmo.


We pride ourselves on making the impossible possible so that you and your family can enjoy your vacation to its fullest and take away nothing but great memories of your trip to Cabo Pulmo. We value caring for the environment as much as caring for our customers. Therefore, we use environmentally friendly motors that minimize environmental impacts and are active members of the community recycling program managed by the community organization Amigos para la Conservación de Cabo Pulmo (Friends for the Conservation of Cabo Pulmo).